Queen of Apostles School


108 Tribute Street East
Riverton WA 6148
(08) 9376 8500

Queen of Apostles Staff

2019 Staffing

Position Name Name
Principal Shaun O’Neill  
Assistant Principal Jennifer Anderson  
Kindy Teacher Ann Fanto  
Kindy TA Mara McGinty Pam Johansen
Pre Primary Teacher Shareen Minchinton  
Pre Primary TA Liz Kingston Lee-Anne Oliver
Year 1 Teacher Chelsea Moore Deb Hogg
Year 1/2 Teacher Michelle Faria  
Year 2 Teacher Marika Beacher Simone Gordon
Year 3 Teacher Gabrielle Lesque  
Year 3/4 Teacher Michele Colley  
Year 4 Teacher Robyn Salvia Suzanne Garcia
Year 5 Teacher Holly Jacob Deb Hogg
Year 5/6 Teacher Emily Boronovskis  
Year 6 Teacher Valencia Maloney  
Support Coordinator Jennifer Anderson  
Enrichment Teacher Jennifer Anderson  
Disability Coordinator Zoey Jensen Chelsea Moore
ICT Support Holly Jacob  
Music Sheryl Perry  
Science Ross Bridgeman  
Physical Education Ross Bridgeman  
Mandarin Ivy Wang  
Health Kerry Miller  
Library Assistant Susan Peach  
Special Needs Assistants Maria Lindsay Roberta Yaxley
Special Needs Assistants Tracie Spadaro Dawn O’Brien
Special Needs Assistants Debbie Radice Tracy Watkins
Special Needs Assistants Lee-Anne Wolstenholme Lee-Anne Oliver
Social Worker Tracy Small  
Administration Terri Healey  
Finance Officer Sally Northeast  
Uniform Shop Manager Nicky Harrison  

Our Vision

Queen of Apostles School is a vibrant, Catholic community which follows in the footsteps of Christ and his Mother, Mary, who gave witness to the values of love, unity and peace.

We provide a nurturing, inclusive and safe environment which celebrates each individual’s unique talents and qualities.

Our school encourages a passion for lifelong learning and prepares today’s children for their place in tomorrow’s society.

Love Unity and Peace