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Riverton WA 6148
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Parents and Friends

The Parents and Friends Association provides an opportunity for parents to get involved in the school for the benefit of their children. They allow a forum for offering and gathering information about school events and ways to contribute to the resources and opportunities for the students in the school. P&F Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 7:00pm in the staffroom. All parents and carers are warmly invited to attend P & F meetings.

Members of the P & F:

  • Strive to develop at the school a real community of parents, teachers and students;
  • Work closely with the school Principal to achieve common goals;
  • Act as a liaison between the wider school community and the Board;
  • Ensure that a high level of social and educational interaction exists between home and school, parents and teachers;
  • Endeavour to have all parents enjoy the experience of their children’s formal school years by active participation and personal involvement in the school programmes;
  • Provide a healthy forum for ideas and discussion;
  • Work to provide additional resources which are considered necessary for the children;
  • Assist in planning and organising functions with the social, sporting, cultural and educational life at the school;
  • Organise guest speakers for the P & F Association on current and suggested educational programmes, faith development and other matters of interest.

Annual Community Meeting - Information and Nomination Form

The 2018 P&F Committee and Executive

President: Mr Andrew Upfold
Vice President: Mrs Shyloh Gardiner
Treasurer: Mr Ben Goodgame
Secretary: Mrs Cassandra Thomas

Please contact us at: parents.friends@qoa.wa.edu.au

Our Vision

Queen of Apostles School is a vibrant, Catholic community which follows in the footsteps of Christ and his Mother, Mary, who gave witness to the values of love, unity and peace.

We provide a nurturing, inclusive and safe environment which celebrates each individual’s unique talents and qualities.

Our school encourages a passion for lifelong learning and prepares today’s children for their place in tomorrow’s society.

Love Unity and Peace