Queen of Apostles School


108 Tribute Street East
Riverton WA 6148
(08) 9457 4913


The canteen is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for recess and lunch. The canteen has a manager but requires volunteer help to operate. Volunteers are generally required from 8:15am to 1:30pm but hours can be arranged to suit. This is a great way to get to know other members of the school community.

Lunch orders may be done online at Our Online Canteen.

Download a copy of the latest Canteen Menu

Orders for lunch should be placed before 9:00am; Pre-Primary & Year 1 in the box provided in the classroom, Years 2 to 6 at the canteen. The use of lunch bags is encouraged (and much appreciated). They can be purchased at the canteen - 25 for $1.00.

Our aim is to provide nutritious and appetizing food at a reasonable price. Our canteen does not operate as a profit generating enterprise for the school, but rather as a service to our families to help ensure that children have healthy snacks and lunches during the day.

Parent Volunteers

The Canteen is always looking for parents to volunteer and help in providing the children in our school with the best and most appetising food available. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the canteen.

Our Vision

Queen of Apostles School is a vibrant, Catholic community which follows in the footsteps of Christ and his Mother, Mary, who gave witness to the values of love, unity and peace.

We provide a nurturing, inclusive and safe environment which celebrates each individual’s unique talents and qualities.

Our school encourages a passion for lifelong learning and prepares today’s children for their place in tomorrow’s society.

Love Unity and Peace