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Term Two, 20th June 2018

Expression of Interest - 3 Year Old Programme
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Queenie’s Playgroup Begins Tomorrow!
Tomorrow morning marks an exciting new milestone in our wonderful school’s history, with the commencement of our new Queenie’s Playgroup. Currently we have just over 30 children from nearly 30 families that have indicated that they will be attending tomorrow morning at 9.00am.
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Interschool Sports Carnival
Congratulations to all of our children who participated in the Interschool Lightning Carnival yesterday. While you were all striving for victory on the sporting field and courts, I was quarantined in my office striving to overcome a head cold that has become a threat to global deforestation, given my rate of tissue consumption!
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Important Dates

Thurs 21 June
G&T Academic Day (Yr 6)
9.00am First Playgroup Morning

Fri 22 June
Pyjama Day for LifeLink

Sat 23 June
3.00pm P&F Movie Reading Cinemas

Mon 25 June
8.55 Gathering Assembly
Yr 4 Schoenstatt Shrine visit

Wed 27 June
9.00am Whole School Mass 3.2
Portfolios & Reports to be distributed

Thur 28 June
Second Playgroup Trial Morning

Fri 29 June

Mon 16 July

Our Vision

Queen of Apostles School is a vibrant, Catholic community which follows in the footsteps of Christ and his Mother, Mary, who gave witness to the values of love, unity and peace.

We provide a nurturing, inclusive and safe environment which celebrates each individual’s unique talents and qualities.

Our school encourages a passion for lifelong learning and prepares today’s children for their place in tomorrow’s society.

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The three words Love, Unity and Peace remind us of our Christian vocation. Only when we are in loving unity with God can we radiate the peace that is so much lacking in our modern world.